Healthy Living

Quick, Easy, Tasty and so Healthy Recipes

All these recipes provide a source of dietary fibre, a source of protein and no artificial flavours or colours. Have fun in the kitchen and keep checking out this section - as it will be regularly updated.


Harraways Overnight Oats Steel Cut Oats New

Breakfast Oat Pancakes Scotch Oats New

Harraways Oat Pancakes Scotch Oats New

Perfect Porridge Wholegrain Oats / Rolled Oats

Harraways Oat Waffles Scotch Oats

Harraways Oat Hotcakes Scotch Oats

Mrs Kents Perfect Porridge Scotch Oats


Harraways Oat Pots Steel Cut Oats New

Oat and Berry Smoothie Rolled Oats New

Harraways Oat Smoothie Plain Oat Singles

Harraways Toasted Muesli Rolled Oats

Harraways Toasted Cereal Rolled Oats

Plain Muesli Rolled Oats

Breakfast Muesli Rolled Oats

Family Muesli Dry Roasted Oats and Barley Flakes

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Harraways Morning Zing Muesli Honey Roasted Jumbo Oats

Easy Oat Eggplant Lasagne Wholegrain Oats New

Spicy Oat Chicken Bites Scotch Oats New

Mushroom Steel Cut Oats Risotto Steel Cut Oats New

Harraways Mushroom Risotto Steel Cut Oats New

Harraways Meatballs Rolled Oats New

Herbed Meat Loaf Rolled Oats

Mexican Meat Loaf Rolled Oats

Savoury Oat Balls Rolled Oats

Vegetable Cutlets Rolled Oats

Harraways Southern-man Burger Patties Rolled Oats

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Harraways Vegetable Soup Rolled Oats

Harraways Apple Crumble Scotch Oats

Easy Fruit Crumble Rolled Oats

Rolled Oat Pudding Rolled Oats

Truffles Rolled Oats

Quick Steam Puddings Honey & Golden Syrup Oat Single


Savoury Oat Biscuits Rolled Oats New

Harraways Oaty Anzac Biscuits Steel Cut Oats New

Harraways Oaty Gingernuts Steel Cut Oats New

Oat Crackers Scotch Oats

Harraways Healthier Anzac Biscuits Rolled Oats

Apple Cinnamon Biscuits Rolled Oats

Clifton Biscuits Rolled Oats

Five Cup Biscuits Rolled Oats

Grandkids Favourite Chocolate Roughs Rolled Oats

Nutties Rolled Oats

Raisin Munchies Rolled Oats

Scotch Lace Crisps Rolled Oats

Scroggin Biscuits Rolled Oats

Raisin Oat Biscuits Rolled Oats


Balls of Energy Scotch Oats New


Harraways Carrot Cake Health Loaf Rolled Oats

Spiced Apple Cake Rolled Oats


Unbaked Oats & Seeds Slice Rolled Oats New

Apricot Fruit Oaties Rolled Oats

Caramel Oat Squares Rolled Oats

Chocolate Topped Oat Bars Rolled Oats

Date Orange Oaties Scotch Oats

Fruit Oaties Rolled Oats

Harraways Oaties Rolled Oats

Harraways Sultana Chew Rolled Oats

Lemon Rolled Oat Slice Rolled Oats

Muesli slice Rolled Oats

Harraways High Tea Slice Rolled Oats

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Stuffing, Scones & Sprinkles

Oat-so Simple Scones Rolled Oats New

Harraways Salad Sprinkle Rolled Oats

Apricot Lemon stuffing Scotch Oats

Harraways Salad Sprinkle Rolled Oats

Mug Muffins Rolled Oats

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